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Instructions to Crochet Beaded Socks

Create crochet beaded socks to accent to any little girl's outfit. They can be relatively quick and easy to make, and the project requires minimal supplies. Choose from nearly any type of beads and any color of crochet thread. Choose socks with a fold-over cuff, and experiment with colors and patterns as desired.

Getting Started

You will need cuffed ankle socks, beads, crochet thread, a small crochet hook that will fit through the hole in the beads, and a tapestry needle for finishing. Pony beads, tri-beads or higher-quality beads can be used. Be sure that the beads you choose can stand up to machine washing and drying. Inexpensive plastic beads are typically best. You can opt to create a heavily beaded pair with 90 to 100 beads on each sock, or socks with as few as 40 to 50 beads on each.

Crocheting the Trim

There are several ways to crochet beads onto your sock. You can thread the beads onto your crochet thread and work in a simple chain stitch, pulling the beads up and into place as you are ready to use them. Create a simple beaded edge by sliding the beads onto the thread, then attaching your crochet cotton to the sock with a chain stitch. Chain two to four stitches, then slide a bead into place and chain another two to four stitches. Work one chain into the sock between the ribs and continue in pattern.

Work a lacier edging by single crocheting into each rib around the sock, with one to three chain stitches in between each single crochet. On the next round, attach a bead either by sliding it onto the crochet thread or working one that has already been threaded, and work in a half double crochet pattern, stitching in the previously created chain spaces, with chain stitches in between each half double crochet. Secure your thread ends tightly by tying a square knot, then taking a few stitches with a tapestry needle to prevent damage in the laundry.


You can opt to work more than one beaded round of crochet on your socks, or work several rounds of crochet before adding beads to make a more elaborate beaded sock. You can also create color patterns using your beads, or add more than one type of bead. Try working a crochet edging without beads for a simpler look. Make matching crochet hair accessories to complement your crochet beaded socks.

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