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How to Craft a Rug From Socks

Keeping socks in their original matched state is often difficult for many people. Either the washer or dryer causes them to disappear or one of two socks disappears on its own. But you can make use for all of those mismatched socks by creating a rug out of socks.

Things You'll Need:

  • Needle
  • Kitchen Garbage Bag Filled With Mismatched Socks
  • Thread

Determine the size of the rug you plan to make. This will be based upon the area in which you plan to place the rug, as well as how many mismatched socks you may have saved. Sort the socks into the various sizes, making sure to keep the same size socks together.

Place the smallest socks, heel side down, side by side in a circular fashion. Be sure to overlap each sock by one quarter of an inch. Note that the toe of the socks should be facing the center of the rug. The toes will close the center hole if placed properly in a circular fashion. Each round will vary in color pattern, as there will only be one of each sock, thereby eliminating any pre-set pattern.

Using a thick needle sew each sock together where the one quarter inch overlap is shown. It does not matter what color of thread you use, as the thread will be on the underside of the rug. Further, the colors of each sock will accommodate any color of thread.

Repeat the initial step by taking the next size of socks and placing them around the outside of round one, making sure to have the heel on the bottom side and the toes pointing towards the first round. Be sure once again to overlap the socks by one quarter inch just as was done in the initial row. Also you will need between two and four extra socks to prevent wrinkling of the project. The socks need not line up perfectly with the previous round of socks. Placing the next sized socks in alignment of the seams from the previous round will provide an even different pattern should you decide to not align each row with the previous one. Stitch the socks on the underside where the overlap is shown.

Determine how many rows you will create based on the number of different sized socks you have collected, noting that each round will require four or more extra socks to prevent any buckling of your project. Once it is complete, you will have made a keepsake from your family's or children's lives. Additionally, the sock rug may be washed, but should be line dried, as the material in some socks does not retain its original shape well.


Be sure to not get impatient with the project, as sewing the socks together by hand can be time consuming. You may use a sewing machine; however, the rug will continue to grow, which may make it difficult to place under your machine's needle.


  • Make sure the socks you choose do not have a mate. Be careful with the needle as it can be difficult to stitch thick socks together.
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