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How to Make Waldorf Doll Hair

Completed Waldorf doll wig
Michelle Powell-Smith

Waldorf doll hair is typically made of wool or mohair yarns and can be applied in several different ways. The hair can be sewn into place or a wig can be created. Making a wig allows for more hair styling options, including short or long hair, pigtails, a ponytail or braids. It is also a good choice for a doll that will be well loved, since a wig can be securely sewn into place.

Completed Waldorf doll wig
Michelle Powell-Smith

Things You'll Need:

  • Crochet Hook, Size H
  • Plain Wool Yarn For Wig Base
  • Wool Or Wool And Mohair Yarn For Hair, From 50 Yards To 200 Yards Depending Upon Length.
  • Needle And Thread (Optional)
  • Sewing Machine (Optional)
Initial circle of crochet stitches

Use your crochet hook and basic wool yarn in your desired hair color to begin crocheting your wig base. Chain 4 and join into a circle. With a half double crochet stitch, take a stitch into each of the four chain stitches. Keep your gauge loose enough to easily thread yarn hair through the wig base later.

Two increase rounds

Make two half double crochet stitches in each stitch all the way around on the next few rounds, depending upon the eventual size of the Waldorf doll wig. Do fewer increases for a smaller doll wig. After two to four of these increase rounds, increase every other stitch.

Continue increasing, adding fewer new stitches each round, until your wig cap reaches the desired size to cover the head. Do as many rows as needed even until the crocheted cap fits as desired. This cap can work on its own for a baby or boy Waldorf doll.

Attached Strands of Hair

Cut strands of yarn to twice the desired hair length. Use a crochet hook to attach the hair with a simple slip knot. Fold the strand of yarn in half and hook through the doll wig. Pull the ends of the yarn through the loop.

Attach hair all over the wig cap as desired. Trim if needed to achieve a nice shape. Sew the Waldorf doll wig into place securely with a needle and thread. Your Waldorf doll hair can be styled in any way you like and she shouldn't have any bald spots. This type of Waldorf doll hair is ideal for a doll aimed at an older child.

Use wool yarn and a large tapestry needle to embroider hair on your Waldorf doll for a boy doll or baby doll. Simply make large stitches from the crown of the head to the desired ending point. Secure the ends well.

Create long braids or pigtails by wrapping yarn around a book or chair back. Cut your large yarn loop into a mass of flat strands and stitch down the middle with a sewing machine threaded with a coordinating thread color.

Sew the newly created doll wig down the center part of your doll's head. Once you have the Waldorf doll hair sewn in place, braid or pigtail it. Take a few small stitches to secure hair along the sides of the face and the back of the head.


Add bangs by stitching them into place before the Waldorf doll wig. Try adding novelty yarns for fairy or mermaid Waldorf doll hair.


  • Check for fullness as you add hair to avoid too much hair. Be sure to add hair all along the hairline to allow for varied styling.
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