How to Crochet Burp Cloths

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Two 4-oz. skeins cotton yarn
  • Size F crochet hook

How to Crochet Burp Cloths. A burp cloth is a great project for the beginning crocheter. The stitch in this pattern creates a finished cloth that doesn't curl, and doesn't need any edging. It works up quickly and beautifully. Crochet several of these burp cloths and give them as gifts for any mom-to-be. She'll appreciate the useful handmade items.

Make a foundation row by chaining 61. Turn and make one single crochet and two double crochet in the second chain from the hook.

Skip two chains and then do one single crochet and two double crochet in the next chain. Repeat skipping two chains and doing one single crochet and two double crochet in each chain that follows. For the last stitch in the row, skip two chains and single crochet in last stitch.

Turn, chain two and make two double crochet in the last single crochet from the previous row. Skip two stitches and make one single crochet and two double crochet in the next stitch. Continue until the end of the row. End with one single crochet on top of the turning chain.

Repeat Step 3 until the burp cloth measures approximately 15 inches long or the size you like. Finish off and weave in the yarn ends for a completed burp cloth.


Use baby or sport weight 100 percent cotton yarn. This gives you a soft, absorbent burp cloth of the appropriate thickness. Crochet with variegated yarn for an easy multi-colored cloth.

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