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How to Keep Knitted Slippers From Slipping

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If you've ever knit yourself a pair of slippers, but never worn them for fear of slipping, you've experienced a common frustration. That doesn't mean, however, that you should cast aside your knitted slippers and vow to never knit another pair. Instead, make your slippers slip-proof. One simple addition will give your knitted slippers traction and keep you from sliding across the floor when you wear them.

Things You'll Need:

  • Knitted Slippers
  • Dimensional Fabric Paint

Clean the knitted slipper's sole to remove any dirt.

Apply dimensional fabric paint (often referred to as puff paint) across the bottom of the slipper to create treads. Paint zig-zags or stripes across the slipper's length or width, make puff paint dots, or create your own design.

Paint extra slip-proof treads on the heel and ball of the slipper's foot.

Dry the puff paint for 24 hours before wearing.


Dimensional fabric paint treads work especially well on knitted and felted slippers

When laundering slippers with puff paint treads, allow them to air dry.

If the puff paint treads eventually begin to peel off your slippers, you can easily touch them up with a little more paint.

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