How to Install PS3 Apps and Home Games

The PlayStation 3 is a home media console that lets you use applications in a variety of ways. For example, PlayStation Home lets you socialize with other PS3 owners around the world and allows you to watch television shows and movies through video streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu. Downloading PS3 apps to your hard drive, no matter which app you want to use, follows the same procedure through the PlayStation Network Store.

Navigate to the "Game" category on the PlayStation 3 main menu. Select "PlayStation Store."

Select "View All By Title," followed by "H."

Choose "PlayStation Home" from the search results.

Select "Download." PlayStation Home, along with all other PS3 apps, is a free download. Downloading the application automatically installs it on to your hard drive.



  • All PlayStation 3 applications can be downloaded using this procedure.


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