How to Install Games on a USB Advance PS2

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Things You'll Need

  • USB hard drive
  • PS2 game disk

The Sony PlayStation 2 is one of the most successful of all video-game consoles. A great utility called USB Advance was released to allow you to install all your PS2 games to a USB hard drive. USB Advance has since changed its name to USB Extreme and is still one of the best utilities you can purchase for your PS2.

Connect your USB hard drive to your computer. Download and install the USB Extreme (Advance) software onto your computer. The download link is in the Resource section of this guide.

Click the "Start" button on the computer desktop and click "Run" and type in "Command." Type "cd\" into the command prompt that appears.

Type "ul_format X format." X is the letter designating your USB hard drive; change this to your actual hard-drive letter. To check this, click "Start" and "Computer." Locate the USB hard drive from the list of storage devices. The drive letter will be next to it.

Wait as the USB hard drive is formatted to the USB Extreme format. Insert your PS2 game into the optical drive and open another command prompt. Type "cd\" and "ul_install SourceDrive TargetDrive GameName CD/DVD." "SourceDrive" is the DVD-drive letter, and "TargetDrive" is the USB hard-drive letter. "CD/DVD" indicates whether it is a DVD or CD disc. Most PS2 games are DVD discs. For example, you may type in "ul_install D E Madden05 DVD." This will install the Madden 2005 game from your DVD drive onto your USB hard drive.

Connect your USB hard drive to your PS2 and boot the PS2 up. Insert your USB Extreme disc, and it will start. Select "Madden05" from the game-selection screen to start the game.


  • Only install the games you own to your USB hard drives.


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