How to Impersonate Elvis Presley

Impersonate Elvis Presley

How to Impersonate Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley was a one of a kind. He will be part of the American fabric for decades to come. And of course another part of the American culture is the Elvis impersonators. They can be found in Vegas, on Hollywood Blvd or in shows or attractions across the country. Here are some tips that will help you impersonate Elvis Presley.

Choose your Elvis Presley. There are 2 main Elvis' that people think of when they are trying to impersonate him. The young hot in-shape Elvis, or the older fried-chicken-eating, over-weight, greasy side-burn-sporting Elvis. So before you begin your impersonation you must decide which Elvis you are trying to emulate.

Purchase a costume. Ebay, or costume shops are the best place to find your Elvis costume. Also check out costumecraze.com or buycostumes.com for your Elvis garb. You will need to either purchase a "jump suit" for the older greasy Elvis or some tight jeans and a starched collared shirt for the young in-shape Elvis.

Use your hips. Elvis was famous for the gyrating hips. So once you get in costume, spread your feet slightly and find your center of gravity. (Around your waist). Sink into that position and slowly begin to circle your hips as if you were trying to use a hula-hoop. Make sure to punctuate each gyration with a specific thrust. (Also be sure not to be around women as they may spontaneously be attracted to you, attack you and result in your wife leaving you.)

Curl your lip. Elvis had this fantastic way of curling his lip as he spoke. Most people have one side that is easier to curl than the other. Take a moment looking in the mirror and try and move your upper lip to one side as if a fish hook caught it and was pulling it to the side. Keep practicing until you master it.

Grow sideburns. Both the young and old Elvis has sideburns. The young Elvis had sideburns that were nice and trim, while the older Elvis had the unkempt wild thick sideburns. Grow your sideburns accordingly.

Drop your voice. Elvis had a very deep voice. It was manly, it was poignant and it spoke only when spoken to. Drop your voice and say the phrase "thank you very much" until you nail it perfectly.

Eat one of his favorite dishes. Fry yourself a peanut butter and banana sandwich, sit-back and relax because "you ain't nothing but a hound dog!"

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