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Slosh Dance Steps

The Slosh was a popular line dance in the 1970s. It is characterized by steps, kicks and turns that are repeated over and over. The Slosh is becoming popular again in places around the world, including Scotland, Wales and the United States.

Side to Side

Face the center of the room with your feet together. Turn so your right side is now facing the center of the room and walk forward three steps, starting with your right foot. Kick once with your right foot. Turn on your left foot so your left side now faces the center of the room. Take three steps forward, starting with your left foot, and kick once with your left foot. Turn your body to the right so your right side is facing the center of the room, step forward three times and kick with your right foot. Then turn and take three more steps, beginning with the left foot.

Hop and Turn

Instead of kicking with your left foot, hop on your right foot and bend your left knee, bringing your left foot off the ground. Hop again, bringing your right knee up. Then hop a third time with your left knee up.

Continue the Side to Side

When you put down your left foot, immediately begin doing the side to side steps described in Section 1, but with your left side facing the center of the room. Add the hop and turn and keep on with the steps until you find yourself facing the center of the room again.

Add the Arms

The arm movements are pretty simple. For the most part, your arms can swing naturally as you move. The fun part comes when you hop. As you feel more comfortable with the steps, try to reach down and clap your hands underneath your knees as you raise one knee and then the other.

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