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How to Hook a Game Cube to a Flat Screen TV

The Nintendo Gamecube is a gaming system that allows you to play video games using your television as the monitor. The Gamecube comes with an A/V cable that uses the red, white and yellow RCA plugs to transfers the video signal and the left and right stereo signal from the Gamecube to your television. To connect the Gamecube to a flat screen television you will use the A/V inputs located on the side of the flat screen.

Insert the flat plug on the end of the Gamecube's A/V cable into the slot marked "Analog AV Out."

Locate the A/V inputs on the side of your flat screen television. They will be labeled either "Output" or "Out" with the yellow jack marked "Video." The red and white input is for the audio, the red marked "R" for right and the white input marked "L" for left.

Place the yellow plug into the yellow input on the side of the flat screen and push it in as far as it will go. Insert the red plug to the red input and the white plug into the white input and push them both in as far as they will go.

Select the input on the flat screen for the Gamecube by pressing the "Input" button on the remote control until the selection for the input you have the Gamecube connected to appears on the screen

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