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How to Have a Custom PS3 Avatar

The PS3 avatar is customizable to user preferences and displayed on your online account.
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Custom PS3 avatars are personalized images that can be added onto your PlayStation Network account. They are visible to the rest of the PlayStation Network Community and can be a good ID when playing or communicating with other players online. Creating custom avatars is a matter of designing or downloading the preferred picture and uploading it onto your PS3 online account effectively personalizing the default picture by replacing it with your new image.

Search and install the Blackbox PS3 FTP client on your PlayStation 3 game console.

Download or create a small image about 10KB in size for your avatar.

Open the downloaded image, if you did not create an original image, in image editing software and edit the image to make it unique.

Save the image as “me.png.”

Locate your PS3 IP address on the network. Use the router address table to identify the IP address given to your PS3 console.

Connect to your PS3 using an appropriate FTP client. No username or password is required and you should automatically be connected to your PS3 account via the FTP client once you select the IP address for the console.

Navigate to the directory:


Replace the "XX" with the user number provided to you by the PlayStation Network.

Overwrite the “me.png” file contained in the directory by copying the custom avatar you created on your local computer into this folder. Confirm you want to overwrite by clicking “Yes” when prompted.

Navigate back from the Blackbox application in your PlayStation 3 interface then to your Account Management information. Confirm the new avatar is displayed on your PlayStation Network account.


Always ensure the image is renamed and uploaded onto your PlayStation Network Account as “me.png,” otherwise it will not be recognized and loaded onto your PlayStation 3 interface.

When installing software onto your PlayStation 3 game console, first download it onto a USB dongle from a computer and then insert the USB device into your PlayStation's USB port.

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