How to Get The Best Concert Tickets

Get The Best Concert Tickets

I used to own a ticket brokerage, and I am publishing an article here that ticket brokers do not want you to know about, there are many ways to buy tickets, and the best way to do so is to buy in person at a TicketMaster location, contrary to popular belief, buying online is the worst way to go.

You need to go to a ticket master location, for this to work. Buying online might seem convenient, but it is by no means the best way to buy tickets. Follow the instructions below and enjoy your next concert by sitting up front.

Find a ticketmaster location that is obscure. Find a location that most people don't go to, and find a location that will not be extremely crowded. If you live in a metropolitan area, then you might have to drive for a while. Figure the more popular the store is, the worse off you are.

Make sure you arrive at least two to three hours ahead of the store opening time, and make sure the first employees that enter the store know you are waiting in line. If it is a very popular band, then make sure you get there earlier.

If there are multiple people at the store, they might try a wristband system. If they do such a thing, let the manager know that this is not fair, and that you have been waiting to be first in line, and that it is not fair to let people who came late to get in front of you. If you are polite, this will help.

Once they allow you to get inside the store and you are in the front of the line, instruct the person printing the tickets that you would like to pay cash, the next step will explain the purchasing process

TicketMaster uses a system called the X codes. X codes are the way the TicketMaster computer system works. The employee of the store uses X1 by default. This means that X1 will try front row dead center as the best available ticket, then it will use second row dead center as the second best ticket, then dead center third row is the third best choice.

X2 and X3 will go with front row to the left, or front row to the right as the preferred seat. While everyone is fighting for the first row dead center you will be one of the few experts getting the tickets off to the left or the right. You will now be able to get the best seats not dead center. You will not be fighting with everyone else for the X1 seats.

Instruct the employee and to type in X2. or X3 in the TicketMaster system. The more tickets right next to each other you need, the worse you will get. If you want four tickets, I advise you buy two sets of two, that way you get the best possible. Tell the employee to type in X2Q twice, or X3Q.

The reason you use Q is because it will print the first set of tickets, then you will be ready to print the second set of tickets. By using Q it will not allow you to decide if you want the tickets or not, but it will speed up the process.

If you follow the advice above, you will now have some great tickets. Enjoy the show, and let me know of your great success. Print out a copy of this article to show to the employee at the store to let them know you are not a broker, but a big fan who wants the best seats. If they think you are a broker, then you might have a hard time.

Enjoy the concert.


Bring a printout of this article to show any employees or manager that you are using this guide for your own tickets.


Do not use this as a means to buy tickets for profit, use this as a means to get good tickets for yourself.

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