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How to Get Past the Levels of LEGO Batman the Game

The main play mode in "LEGO: Batman" features three episodes. On each level, heroes such as Batman, Robin and Nightwing must complete five sub-missions against dozens of villains and challenges. Defeating each level requires critical thinking, quick action and the use of multiple gadgets. Pass through levels and defeat villains such as Clayface, the Riddler and the Joker. Each level gets more challenging, with more villains and increased difficulty.

The Riddler's Revenge

Play the mission "You Can Bank on Batman." Fight off bad guys as you head to the right down the street. Midway through the level, climb to the overhang and walk across it to get past the exploded road. When you reach a garage, use Robin to open it and access a remote-control car. Drive the car to kill the goons and unlock the gate to the bank. Enter the bank and use the batarang to attack Clayface. Hit him until his life meter depletes and the level ends.

Battle Mr. Freeze in the "Icy Reception" mission. When Mr. Freeze shoots his freeze gun, run around to avoid the ice. Wait for him to tire, then run in and punch him. Separate Batman and Robin to prevent collision and extra damage. Continue until Mr. Freeze gives up and is captured.

Drive the Batmobile in the "Two-Face Chase" mission. Shoot missiles at Two-Face's truck to get it to stop. Push and drag the truck underneath the hovering helicopter. The helicopter will drop three bombs on the car to blow it up.

Build a bomb to destroy Poison Ivy in the "A Poisonous Appointment" mission. Fight off bad guys and build pieces of the bomb as the plants spit them out. Collect all the pieces and the bomb will go off and destroy all of Poison Ivy's plants.

Battle both Two-Face and the Riddler in the final first-episode mission, "The Face-Off." Defeat Two-Face with normal combat. Build the two steel beams and reflect the Riddler's ray back at him. Wait for the Riddler to jump down, then attack him until he is defeated.

Power Crazed Penguin

Fight Catwoman in the first mission. Use the grapple tool to fly across rooftops and attack her until she runs away. Follow across to another rooftop and fight her until her hearts run out to win the level.

Guide the Batboat across the water and in a battle with the Penguin's submarine. Shoot at the sub and use the water bombs to damage it.

Go down into the sewers for "Under the City." Find Killer Croc and defeat him with batarangs and basic attacks. Avoid the objects he throws because they cause maximum damage.

Fight your opposite, Man-Bat, in the "Zoo's Company" mission. Build the high-powered LEGO megaphone to prevent him from flying. When he lands, punch him until his health runs out.

Deflect the Penguin's bombs in the final mission, "Penguin's Lair." Catwoman will attack again; use Robin to fight her off. The center of the room rotates; guide the bombs there so they will shoot back at the Penguin. Repeat until the Penguin is defeated.

The Joker's Return

Play "The Joker's Home Turf" mission. Fight the Mad Hatter until he runs to the top of the factory. Stand on the switch that drops him into the large vat of chemical waste. Climb up and knock him in one more time when he tries to climb out.

Defeat Harley in "Little Fun at Big Top." She flips around the circus, so you have to use both Batman and Robin to corner her for attacks. Be on the move and use gliding to cut her off.

Fly the Batcopter in "Flight of the Bat." Shoot at Scarecrow's plane until he comes close to yours. Fire the grappling hook to attach to the plane. Blast the plane with a torpedo three times.

Assemble the LEGO generator to create light and defeat the Killer Moth in the "In the Dark Night" mission. The light will weaken the moth, and then basic attacks will defeat him.

Shoot down the Joker's helicopter for a final face-off. Let the Joker walk up and use a shocker on one of the characters. Use the other character to attack him while he is shocking. Repeat this until the Joker is defeated.

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