How to Get an Artist in Residency Program

How to Get an Artist in Residency Program. Artists in residence are often highly respected and talented individuals who are endorsed by an institution to teach or display their art for the enjoyment and education of the community in which they belong. However, getting an artist in residency program can sometimes be a difficult task. Follow these few steps to help you get an artist in residency program that suits your specific needs.

Research artists in residence programs in your area or in an area that you think you might want to live. Often universities and community museums host artists for master class teaching and instruction.

Contact the institution or organization where you want to apply as an artist in residence. Some organizations simply have you send a curriculum vitae for consideration as well as samples of your art.

Research whether the program you are applying includes living expenses and stipend. Often, many programs don't include both costs, so be prepared to undertake any excess costs associated with your residency program.

Prepare your residency proposal. Highlight your achievements and your dedication to your craft as well as any awards or achievements you have achieved in your art.

Compile your application materials and prepare to send them to the program. Edit your statement and make sure all of your samples are properly compiled in whatever format is outlined by the programs application document.


  • Artists in residence are often accomplished artists who have a desire to teach the wisdom of their craft to others. You should emphasize this sentiment in your personal statement. Some artist in residence programs are for short periods of time, such as two weeks, while others are for a full year or more. Be very clear on the expenses paid by the program, if any, so you are not surprised.

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