How to Dress Like an 80s Hair Metal Fan

How to Dress Like an 80s Hair Metal Fan. Heavy metal of the 1980s is defined by gender bending front men, screeching guitars and piercing vocals. The style was all about heavy makeup, big hair and tight jeans--for both men and women. Learn how to dress like an 80s metal fan by reading the information below.

Invest in several tattered denim and black leather jackets, preferably with fringe or tassels. These are the staples of a 80s rocker wardrobe.

Shop at thrift stores for acid washed or ripped jeans. Wear jeans that are too tight or spandex pants. Women may wear denim or black leather mini skirts.

Wear mostly black T-shirts with a metal band pictured on the front. Women should wear T-shirts that are a little big, while men should wear small T-shirts or muscle shirts. Roll the sleeves on the T-shirts

Tuck your tight jeans into your leather boots or tight roll them. High-top sneakers or moccasins can be worn instead of boots.

Accessorize with feather earrings, wrist cuffs and bulky rings. Skulls, tigers, eagles and crosses are ornamental emblems of 80s hair metal.

Tease and feather your hair. When it comes to 80s hair metal, it's all about the hair. Get a haircut with bangs and go heavy on the hairspray to keep your hair big.

Apply heavy eyeliner and lay on the mascara. Wear black or blue eye makeup. Paint your nails black.


  • Keep a black comb in your back pocket. Not only is it in keeping with 80s metal style, but you can tease your hair regularly.


  • 80s hair metal style looks rather evil and is often perceived as Satanic. Many bands of the time were characterized by dark imagery and lyrics.

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