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Creative Space Party Outfit Ideas for College Students

Coco Austin stuns in an abstract print dress, perfect for a space themed party.
David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Space parties are an emerging trend among groups on a quest for a good time. When dressing for these fun and unique ocassions, it's time to think outside the box. From vibrant hues to monochrome metallics, the perfect outfit for a space party is one that's fashionable, unique and expressive. Don't shy away from clothing that will make a statement. Choose an ensemble sure to have you looking fabulous and out of this world.


For a look reminiscent of a nebula or twinkling star, wear a tank top or mini skirt in an iridescent fabric, or choose one that's covered in sequins. If the soiree takes place at a nightclub or other public location where you might want to dress to impress, a sleek and feminine frock in a futuristic sheen will be a safe and fashionable bet. Men can sport button-ups or T-shirts in bold and bright colors, such as green and blue, while women can sprinkle excess glitter on their outfits to give the illusion of a sea of twinkling stars. Though the glitz might not be noticeable at first, once the lights are flipped off, your shine will definitely attract the right kind of attention.


Incorporate metallic accents into your outfit for a fashionably futuristic spin on the space outfit. Form-fitting dresses and leotards in shiny spandex are sure to flaunt a sexy figure, while metallic fabrics in bright hues like cerulean and fuchsia will look fabulous on leggings or skinny jeans. Top your outfit off by way of metallic accents in the form of platform heels and trendy jewelry that will stand out and add a touch of glamour to your space outfit. Men can experiment with metallic bow ties, sneakers or sunglasses for the same effect.

Neons & Glow-in-the-dark

Neon outfits are all the rage for space parties. Wearing bright colors amongst a sea of black will have all eyes on you. Fitted neon dresses, neon tutus and opaque leggings in bright, neon hues are the fun style of attire you can expect to see at a college space party. A pair of neon swimming trunks and a black V-neck T-shirt is a great combination for men. If you don't mind getting a little dirty, purchase a plain, black T-shirt or dress and splatter glow-in-the-dark paint over it to form a cool pattern. For a more precise application, purchase a set of space-themed stencils. Use them to paint shapes of planets and stars on the material for a fun and hip outfit that's sure to earn a world of compliments.

Galaxy & Abstract Prints

Galaxy-print fabrics and clothing have reached their all-time popularity, so it's likely that you'll find a perfectly acceptable space party outfit at your local shopping mall. Many colorful, abstract prints will suffice. T-shirts, leggings or socks with a galaxy print are single items that can turn your entire outfit into one fit for outer space.

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