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How to Play Strip Monopoly

Sometimes playing Monopoly the regular way just isn't enough. There are nights when the only thing that will make a party better is a game of strip Monopoly. The rules are almost the same, with the exception that you'll have the option to buy or sell clothing. Dress warmly!

Declare someone the Monopoly banker. They will be in charge of all money and clothing transactions. They will also mediate any stripping disagreements.

Pass out the Monopoly money. Men will start out playing with $650 and women will start with $500. Women start with less money because they start out with one extra item of clothing, a bra. If no one cares that women have an extra set of clothing to strip, give everyone the same amount of money to play.

Decide how much money pieces of clothing are worth before play begins. For example, underwear is worth $500, bras are worth $300, pants are worth $200, shirts are worth $200 and socks and shoes are worth $50 each.

Use clothes like cash to buy property or houses and hotels or to pay debts and fines. You can also auction your clothes if you need the cash.

Sell your clothes at higher than list price to use your clothes like property.

Process all stripped clothing through the bank as you would money or property. Any player can buy pieces of clothing, and they will pay the price decided on in Step 3. If more than one person wants the clothing, it will be given to the highest bidder.

Wear any clothing you obtained by selling property or collecting on debts and fines until you need to sell it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Monopoly set
  • At least three players


Before play begins, you can cut out small rectangles from yellow and orange construction paper to make up your own "Chance" and "Community Chest" cards. Write your own rules on them, such as "Remove one piece of clothing," or "Put one piece of clothing back on." You are out of the game when you're out of both clothing and money.

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