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How to Win a Wet T-Shirt Contest

Win a Wet T-Shirt Contest

How to Win a Wet T-Shirt Contest. The wet T-shirt contest is a sexy and fun crowd favorite that can often bear lucrative rewards. Many beach side establishments sponsor competitions during special times of the year, particularly during college spring break. A wet T-shirt contest demands certain crowd pleasing theatrical devices if you desire to take home the prize. Overall style and grace have more to do with winning the hearts and votes of the judges than merely having a bombshell figure.

Engage the crowd with a positive attitude, ensuring that you project a personality brimming with sexy fun. In order to win the popularity aspect implicit in the contest, you must make yourself appear vibrant and accessible.

Feature your best physical attributes wisely. Not all sexy contestants have to have large breasts. Costume selection can make all the difference.

Experiment with a sassy and fun combination of music and dance moves, playing up your wild side.

Demonstrate support of your fellow contestants when they appear on the stage in order to show you are a good sport and willing to bear the judge's decision in good spirit.

Maintain firm and gracefully posed upper body posture as your chance to walk the stage arrives. Slumped shoulders makes your body less appealing and conveys you have poor self-esteem.

Employ small props to stand out from the field of competitors. Be fun and imaginative, perhaps employing a wild theme or motif that compliments your costume, such as a magic wand or stethoscope.

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