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How to Get a Chippendales Body

Chippendales is an all-male revue touted as "The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out." It features a group of attractive men known for their muscular bodies who dance onstage while wearing little more than a black bow tie. The show takes place in over 25 countries around the world, but the flagship performance regularly occurs at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The notorious masculine appearance of the Chippendales dancers has inspired men everywhere to achieve similar bodies. Although it isn’t easy, men can get the shiny, bare-chested Chippendales look with hard work and determination.

Eat healthy and drink lots of water. This means cutting out unnecessary fats and sugars and sticking to whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. For a fee, you can download a complete nutrition program from Men’s Fitness magazine to get sample meal plans.

Get moving. If you are starting out as an overweight person, you’ll need to shift that extra fat before your muscles will start to show through. Start with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three to five days a week, increasing to an hour as you become more fit.

Hit the gym for some strength training. To get that Chippendales chest, include exercises like the bench press, dip and pushups. Incorporate exercises for your legs, arms and abs as well. Do two to three sets of each exercise, increasing the weight or repetitions for each set.

Don’t burn out at the gym by overdoing it. You are likely to end up with an injury if you try to do more weight or repetitions than you can handle. See the Resources section for sample workout routines.

Stick to your diet and exercise training regime until you start to see results. This can take at least six to eight weeks, but with consistency and dedication you will eventually build the physique of a Chippendales dancer.


Consult a personal trainer who can design a tailored program to help you reach your fitness goals. The trainer can also ensure that you are doing each exercise correctly for maximum benefit.

To get the complete Chippendales look, have your chest waxed. Chippendales dancers always have smooth, hairless upper bodies.

For faster results, cut out alcohol and soft drinks. These liquids have empty calories that can make it more difficult to lose weight and tone muscles.

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