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How to Make Glitter Stick to Leather Shoes

You can easily make your own glittery shoes.
Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Glittery shoes have been staples of fairly tales and movies for generations. Kids will often want to have a pair for Halloween or for a school play like the Wizard of Oz, while some people just want to add a little pizazz to their ensemble. While you can but glittery shoes, there is not reason why you can add glitter to some old leather shoes yourself.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cloth
  • Newspaper
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Shoe Wax
  • Glitter (Single Color Or Multicolored)

Remove the shoelaces and clean the shoes thoroughly to remove any dirt or stains. Then use a cloth to wax them. Allow the shoes to dry.

Stuff the shoes with newspaper to keep the spray and glitter you will be applying from getting inside the shoe. Then place the shoes on some laid out newspaper on a flat surface.

Spray the shoes lightly with the spray adhesive. You want full coverage, but don't put so much that it takes a long time to dry.

Open your glitter package and sprinkle the glitter randomly on the still tacky adhesive. Once the glue has dried, put the shoelaces back in and you are done.

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