How to Dress as a Monk for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Dark colored robe (a bathrobe works fine)
  • Sandals
  • Thin rope
  • Faux leather
  • Hole punch
  • Leather strings
  • Prayer book or Bible

A monk costume is one of the easiest and least expensive costumes for a child to wear. A monk costume has a variety of uses, including Catholic celebrations, All Saint’s Day, Halloween and church plays. A child’s monk costume does not have to be completely accurate with history. Some modern licenses for the sake of convenience will still result in a costume that looks authentic. Use items around the house for the costume or purchase a costume from a store in your city or online.

Have your child wear shorts and a T-shirt under the costume. This makes it easier to take off the costume when desired and protects the child’s modesty if he acts rambunctious while wearing the costume.

Put a dark colored robe on your child. Brown, black, grey or dark blue work best. If you have the money, purchase a monk’s robe, complete with hood, from a costume store. If not, you can use a robe from home. You can also use an adult’s solid dark T-shirt as the monk’s robe.

Tie a thin rope around the child’s waist for a belt. Monks often had simple belts made of rope or other fibers, rather than leather or cloth belts.

Have the child wear sandals. Any sandals will work. If your child does not own sandals, you can make some from faux leather. Cut out the shape of your child’s feet from the leather. Make the outlines a little bigger than the child’s foot. Punch four holes into each side of the outlines. Thread a long piece of leather cord or a shoe lace through the holes to make makeshift sandals for the costume.

Give your child a small prayer book or Bible to carry while in costume. You can also give the child a cross necklace to wear. Cut a leather cross from the faux leather and punch a hole in the top. String it through a piece of leather cord and tie it around your child’s neck.


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