How to Draw Animals Using Letters

Drawing animals using letters can seem confusing, but is actually quite easy if you don’t let the shape of the particular letter discourage you. No matter what letter you choose, you can incorporate the features of any animal into the shape. The key is to make note of any distinct features the desired animal has, such as horns, spots or stripes. Integrating these features into the letter will yield the desired effect.

Draw the outline of the letter first, using a pencil on a piece of paper. Make the outline strong and dark so that the letter will always be visible, even after you add embellishments to make it look like an animal.

Think about which animal you’d like to create from the letter, or study a picture if you have one handy. What features does this animal have that make it unlike any other animal? If, for example, your animal has stripes, use the pencil to create the stripes inside the outline of the letter.

Use the pencil to add the particular facial features of the animal to the highest point in the letter. If the letter doesn’t have a singular high point or two equal high points, add the facial features wherever you’d like. The animal can be facing in any direction or striking any pose.

Draw the tail (if the animal has one) on the opposite end of the face. You can also add hooves, claws, etc. so that they are protruding beneath the letter. The dark outline of the letter will ensure that it is always visible, so the animal’s features do not have to stay within the lines of the letter.

Use an eraser to clean up any stray or overlapping lines.