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How to Draw a Dirt Sprint Car

Chris Trotman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Sprint cars have thrilled racing fans for decades. The unusual-looking winged cars race around dirt tracks at such speeds that their often spectacular lifts into the air end in fan-thrilling crashes. The design of the cars incorporates some basic shape elements; and as with any object in the physical world, it’s about paying attention to the little details and shapes that make the art a realistic rendering.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Black Ink
  • Pencil

Draw an elongated oval horizontally in the middle of your paper. Add a square to the back of the oval that sits on top of the oval as well as runs down into the oval, then erase any overlapping lines. This creates the body and driver’s side cockpit of the sprint car. Draw an upward slanting rectangle, about half the length of the car and slightly above the square, to make a side wing.

Erase the top line of the oval and redraw a downward sloping contour to the right side (rear) and a downward angled “block” to the left (the front end) to create the hood. Add the tires by creating one large circle on the rear and a slightly smaller one near the front. Erase overlapping lines. Add a smaller, thinner rectangle just above the front end for the hood spoiler.

Outline the square to make the roll cage around the driver. Add the chassis and exhaust to the underbelly of the car by drawing rear angled lines on the body between the tires. Draw small details to the car such as car number, mud splatters and any sponsor decals. Retrace your drawing in black ink to make your drawing stand out on the page.


Simply omit the wings to create the non-winged version of a sprint car.

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