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How to Do Thrash Metal Vocals

Learn to sing your own Thrash vocals.
Sean Murphy/Lifesize/Getty Images

Thrash Metal, which is fast-paced heavy metal, features aggressive drum lines and vocals. If you are attempting to do Thrash Metal vocals, it can be a difficult skill to learn without the proper steps. Thrash Metal vocals, which are often screaming shouts of rage can also be toned down to create smooth melodic songs. Proper posture, breathing techniques and voice control must all be maintained to perfect the method.

Stand up straight and take a deep breath and hold it for five seconds. Exhale and repeat the step again. This will prepare your diaphragm for the harsh vocals.

Practice by singing your favorite song or lyrics with a regular voice. Don't over strain your voice by practicing high notes.

Take a deep breath and exhale while tightening your throat. Take another deep breath, say some lyrics as you exhale and tighten your throat. You should feel a vibration in the upper part of your chest or shoulders.

Relax your throat and inhale for five seconds and "roar" as you exhale the breath out. Doing this will loosen and relax your vocal chords. Sing slowly at first and increase the deepness of your voice as you continue. Growl and exhale lyrics to add detail to words.


Drink warm tea to soothe your voice before and after singing.


  • Never drink cold water before singing; it will cause your voice to be raspy. Avoid dairy products; they will cause you to be congested.
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