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How to Do Screamo Vocals for Girls

Screamo vocals are a unique form of music.
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Sreamo, or scream-singing, is popular in some punk and hardcore bands. While utilized mostly by male singers, girls can also achieve this kind of scream-singing. Since most women have a higher range than most men, the screamo vocals will also be in a higher range. Simply screaming will damage vocal chords over time, so it is important to warm up, stay within your singing range and use your false vocal chords to scream-sing.

Determine your vocal range before you start to scream-sing. With a piano or guitar, hum along from a mid-range note to as low as you can comfortably and accurately sing, then as high as you can comfortably and accurately sing. Trying to sing outside of this range can damage your vocal chords.

Warm up before you sing, especially for scream-singing. Sing scales or short songs that cover your range.

Make growling noises to test the most comfortable way to sing. When you growl using the back of your throat, like a cat, your vocal chords will probably tire out quickly and make your throat sore. Try making more nasal growls, like Marge Simpson on “The Simpsons.” Once you master the nasal growl, try doing in louder. Then try singing in this kind of growl. This will produce a scream-singing.


When you take a breath, make sure the air is filling your stomach, not just your chest. This will allow you to push more air through and produce a stronger sound.

Drink lots of water and tea, this will help coat your throat and repair it for more singing.

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