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How to Fake a Guy's Voice

Any girl can fake a guy's voice.
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As a woman, knowing how to fake a guy's voice can be a useful trick. You can use it to deflect telemarketers, fool your friends, or even perform in a drag show. The obvious problem is that men's voices are deeper than women's -- but if you listen to a lot of guys' voices, you'll realize that not everyone has a deep voice. Almost any woman can fake a male voice with practice.

Breathe properly. As a whole, men usually use their chest voice more than women do. To access your chest voice, you have to breathe correctly from the diaphragm. To practice this, put your hand on your stomach just below the ribs. When you breathe in, you should feel your hands rising. If your hand isn't rising with your stomach, you're not breathing deeply enough.

Don't deepen your voice beyond its natural capacity. Many women have naturally low voices, but if you don't, you shouldn't force it. Speaking in too deep of a voice will make your throat strain, and it will be obvious that you're faking. Concentrate on being loud and forceful rather than deep.

Train your vocal cords to reach lower pitches by relaxing your throat and the muscles in your neck.Pick a low note near the bottom of your vocal range and sing it on a neutral syllable like "ah" or "oh," concentrating on relaxing the muscles as you do. Once it gets easier, move down in half-step increments. It helps if you have a piano or other instrument, but this isn't necessary.

Don't put too much enthusiasm in your voice. Men tend to talk in a more monotonous fashion than women do. Practice saying things in a consistent flow, not raising or lowering your voice too much. If someone asks you a question, try to respond with one-word answers. The less you talk, the less time people will have to notice that you're not really a guy.

Try using an accent to disguise your voice. If you speak with a strong accent such as a Southern drawl, British accent, or any other style of speech not common in your area, people will focus more on the accent than the gender of the voice.


Drinking a glass of milk before bed can deepen and roughen the voice in the morning.


  • Don't be tempted to deepen your voice by smoking cigarettes. This causes health problems.
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