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How to Make Funny Sounds With Your Mouth

Our world is filled with different sounds. Sounds that we hear everyday are easily recognized and can be duplicated with your mouth. Several people have mastered this talent. You'll need to know the correct way to position your tongue and lips. With a little practice and some patience, you will also be able to make funny sounds with your mouth.

Water Dripping

Pucker your lips and open them slightly. Your lips should be sticking out and have a small opening, about the size of a dime. Stand in front of a mirror to make sure that your mouth looks right.

Curl the tip of your tongue so that it is tucked behind your bottom teeth. Widen your tongue. It should feel like you are about to make a whistling sound.

Force a breath up from your throat. Move your tongue forward as you push the breath out of your mouth. Your tongue must be moving fast.

Flick your finger against your cheek as you force the air out. This will make it sound like water dripping.

Loud Pop

Pucker your lips and open them slightly. Your lips should be sticking out and have a medium opening that is just large enough for your finger. Check with your mirror.

Curl the tip of your index finger and put it in your mouth. Put the tip of your finger against your cheek like a hook.

Tighten the muscles in your cheeks, making them rigid.

Keep your finger stiff and slide it out of your mouth. Let the hook of your finger catch on the side of your lip as you pull it out. Pull your finger out fast to get the loudest noise.

Bubble Sounds

Pucker your lips like you are going to kiss someone. Relax them a little so that they are loosely puckered.

Stiffen your index finger and move it up and down over your lips. Move your finger fast to vibrate your lips.

Breathe out as you are running your finger up and down.


It may take some extra practice to be successful making these sounds.

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