How to Make Your Voice Raspy Like You're Losing It

By Cassie Skelley ; Updated April 12, 2017
Stressed out woman

Making your voice raspy is useful if you are trying to get out of work or school. It is quite easy to accomplish this task and only a few household items are needed. Making your voice raspy makes it deeper, like it naturally tends to get when you are sick or exhausted. You can damage your vocal chords when straining your voice, so it is best to take time in between sessions.

Singing loudly

Turn on the radio and go to your favorite station or put in a CD you want to scream to. Turn the volume on the radio or stereo loud.

Stack of towels

Pad and cushion your ears by wrapping towels, blankets or even pillows around your head. Secure them in place with string by wrapping the string over them and tying it under your chin.

Stack of pillows

Yell into a pillow as loud as you can. Yell deep to strain your vocal chords and make your voice more raspy. Thinking of someone who makes you angry or upset will help you to yell louder and really strain your vocal chords.


Mix a solution of half a cup of vinegar to half a cup of lemon juice. Gargle the solution and spit it up. This helps make your voice more scratchy.


Coughing continuously also helps to achieve a raspy voice. When you cough, tension is put on the larynx when your vocal cords are moving up and down.


Damage can be done to your vocal cords from yelling hard and loud. It can take several days for them to heal properly. Try drinking soothing tea to aid in the recovery of your throat.

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