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How to Make a Rubber Glove Balloon

Balloons make colorful decorations as well as entertain children.
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If you don't have a balloon at home, but have a rubber glove handy, you can make a balloon out of the glove. You have most likely seen versions of the glove balloon on television shows, or watched someone do it at the doctor's office when they had nothing else to do. Follow these steps to make a balloon out of a rubber glove.

Take the thumb and forefinger of each hand and place it on either side of the open end of the rubber glove. Pull your hands apart to stretch the opening and then bring them back together. Repeat.

Grab the open end of the glove with one hand and the finger end with the other. Stretch it out and then relax it. Repeat.

Take the thumb and forefinger of the left hand and make an "O" shape just beneath the opening of the glove. Close them together so that there is just a small hole at the opening.

Place your mouth up against the opening of the glove. The open part of the glove should be pressed between your thumb and forefinger and your lips.

Blow into the opening. Do this as many times as you can. Blow slowly so the glove does not burst in your face.

Close the opening with the thumb and forefinger that are around it. Take the right hand and grasp the open end of the balloon. Close the opening and twist it several times. Let go with the left hand.

Wrap the twisted part of the rubber glove balloon around the forefinger of the left hand one time. Take the end and tuck it under the loop you just made. Pull it through and tighten it.


Reverse the hands if you are left-handed.


  • Be very careful when blowing up the glove. If it blows up in your face you could be injured.
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