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How to Make a Falconry Glove

The falconer's glove allows him to carry the bird safely on his arm.
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Hunting with falcons and hawks was once a popular pastime, and it still has a following among medieval enthusiasts today. One of the most important pieces of equipment in falconry, also known as hawking, is the glove, which is worn on the left hand. This thick leather glove serves as a perch for the bird when worn, while protecting the wearer's hands from the sharp talons. With just a little sewing skill you can make your own glove, a fully-usable replica of those used by medieval falconers.

Things You'll Need:

  • Needle
  • Shears
  • Sturdy Thread
  • Felt-Tip Marker
  • D-Ring
  • Leather (Preferably Deerskin)
  • Tassel

Copy a glove pattern onto paper and adjust it to fit your left hand. (See Resource 1) Increase or decrease the length of the fingers as necessary and widen them all. Falconer's gauntlets traditionally have wide, rather than form-fitting, fingers. Extend the wrist of the glove pattern until it nearly reaches your elbow, widening it on the right side to give it extra flare.

Cut out the pattern and trace it onto leather. Fold the leather in half along the left side of the hand portion of the pattern and cut it out, resulting in a symmetrical shape with eight fingertips. Cut the oval for the thumb out of the right half of the hand piece only. Cut out the thumb and fourchette or gusset pieces.

Sew the fourchettes between the fingers, with one each for the index/middle, middle/ring and ring/little finger gaps. Sew the thumb shut along its length and attach its base to the hole in the hand piece.

Sew the fingertips closed ,and close the outside of the little finger and down the edge of the palm. Insert a D-ring at the outside of the wrist between the front and back pieces and sew around it to hold it in place. This ring serves as a point to attach the leash to, when in use. Finish the seam two inches down the arm below the ring.

Cut a strip of leather the length of the open perimeter remaining along the arm. Sew it over the perimeter, connecting it to the hand piece along its entire length on both sides of the edge. This will form a small roll along the entire open edge of the glove, protecting it from damage. Punch a hole in the glove close to the elbow and run a leather strap through it, tying a knot at one end to secure it. Tie a tassel to the other end of the strap to complete the glove.

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