How to Scream in Metalcore

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There are various styles of hard rock music including hardcore, power metal, heavy metal, death metal and metalcore. These rock styles are characterized for having vocalists who sing aggressively and with a raspy sound, also known as vocal fry. If you are a metalcore fan or singer who wants to learn how to scream like a metalcore vocalist, there are several exercise you can follow to find your raspy screaming voice. Thereafter you can incorporate increased aggressiveness to your vocals.

Say any word in the lowest tone you can give out and repeat it 10 to 15 times. Now add a growling scream to your voice when saying the word to create the metalcore sound. Pay attention to how it feels in your throat when singing this way to familiarize yourself with how your throat will feel when singing metalcore.

Read a sentence or a paragraph using the raspy metalcore scream you developed. Repeat this process until your voice becomes accustomed to pronouncing words in your metalcore tone. Constant practice is the key to sharpening your metalcore screams.

Scream loudly, to give your throat a raspier sound. Sing metalcore songs from your favorite bands as a standard against which to practice. This type of practice will strain your vocal chords and make your voice sound raspier. You can soothe your throat by drinking a nonlactose hot drink during your exercises.

Say "Ahhh" without using much air and add the growling-like scream to the word. Make sure to use as little air as possible. A traditional singer fills the diaphragm to sing, but a metalcore vocalist avoids the diaphragm so the screams emanate from the throat rather than from the diaphragm. This strains your vocal chords and makes your voice sound scratchier.


  • Practice constantly to develop your own sound. You raspy (vocal fry) sound may be different than other metalcore singers, so practice will ultimately help you find the vocal sound where you feel comfortable.


  • Warm-up exercises are always recommended because they will prepare your vocal chords for the performance. Warm-up exercises won't help you sing metalcore, but they will strengthen your vocal chords and protect you from injury.

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