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How to Do a Throat Bass Beatbox

Perform a throat bass sound while beatboxing in order to add low end to the beats made with your voice. The throat bass sound made while beatboxing imitates electric bass, and is commonly used by artists like Rahzel and other hip hop artists. Beatboxing consists of using your mouth, throat and nose all at the same time rhythmically in order to imitate drum beats and bass lines. Perfect the throat bass sound while beatboxing by understanding how to modulate your voice with practice.

Start by making a humming sound. Vibrate your voice box and expel the air coming out of your lungs through your nose.

Lower the tone of your hum until you have reached a tone similar to a bass sound. Tighten your voice box while continuing to hum, and notice how the tone lowers itself in pitch.

Create the attack sound of the bass. Say the word "Tim" and start humming on the letter "m." Attack is the first part of an electric bass sound that is heard, which gives it its punch. Repeat the entire process until you have perfected the throat bass sound.


  • Do not continue attempting to perfect the throat bass beatbox sound if your voice begins to hurt while practicing.
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