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How to Have a Good Country Singing Voice

There are variety of strategies you can use to improve your country singing skills.
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Developing a good country singing voice requires practice and discipline. Whether you are interested in singing as a hobby or going professional, there are a number of steps you can take to meet your full potential. As you improve as a vocalist, you will be able to perform a wider range of country songs. Over time, you will achieve greater depth and breadth as a country singer.

Seek instruction from an experienced country vocalist. Lessons are one of the best ways to refine your skills because they help you expand on your strengths while addressing your weaknesses. When looking for a vocal instructor, learn as much as you can about her experience as a vocalist, teaching history and reputation. It is also important to find someone whose personality, teaching style and musical interests are similar to your own.

Listen to various artists, styles and songs. The more you are exposed to country music, the better your grasp of it will be. When listening, pay carefully attention to intonation, musical expression and tone quality. For every song, make a list of the things you like and the things you dislike.

Always warm up before you begin to sing. Warming up is not only important for the health of your vocal chords, it will improve your tone, intonation and range. More complicated warm-ups will also increase your technical ability.

Record yourself when you are singing. You can do this with a tape recorder or digitally on your computer. After you have recorded yourself, replay it and listen carefully. Take special note of sections in the music that need practice and what can be done to make them better.

Develop focused practice habits. If you simply sing a song over and over, you will waste time and your practice will be less effective. Instead of starting from the beginning, focus on the areas of the song that are difficult for you. A piece of music is like a road full bumps: If you drive the entire road repeatedly, the whole thing will wear down uniformly. Instead, you must go over the bumps again and again until they are flush with the rest of road.

Use good breathing technique whenever you sing. If you use poor technique, it can lead to bad habits that will hinder your development as a singer. Proper breathing will automatically improve your tone, intonation and musicality.

Practice your twang. There are several exercises you can use to improve your twang, a characteristic feature of most country music. First, try cackling like a witch. Next, whinny like a horse. Finally, practice saying "nyeah, nyeah, nyeah, nyeah," like a taunting child. All of these exercises produce a twang sound. During each exercise, pay attention to where your lips and tongue are. Also take note of how much air-flow goes through your nose as opposed to your mouth. As you sing, try to recall how it felt to produce a twang and incorporate it into the music.

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