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How to False Chord Scream

False chord screaming became popular with the integration of screamo and death metal into mainstream rock culture. The guttural, primal vocal stresses are used to accent heavily distorted guitars and rapidly pounding drums. Though false chord screaming and death chord screaming use the same basic technique, what differentiates the two is that false chord screaming is more high-pitched.

Stick your bottom jaw out slightly and use your core ab muscles while trying to mimic a low-pitched dog bark.

Master the deep dog barking sound until you're able to hear the death chord tone to it. Try holding out the dog bark for a longer period, creating a lengthy scream, rather than a short burst of sound.

Try holding out a single pitch without false chord screaming. Push with your core muscles and begin to let your lower jaw bone stick out. Feel the deeper tones come through and gradually change the normal pitch to a more guttural roar.

Breathe in deeply and push out with your abs. Avoid using your chest muscles and lungs to push the scream out.

Open your mouth to a more high-pitched false chord scream and experiment with the different types of sounds you can make.


Drink lots of water and avoid things that can weaken your throat tissue such as smoking and drinking carbonated beverages. Practice without music so you can really hear your tone and improve it. Practicing with any music, especially loud music, can inhibit you from hearing what you truly sound like.

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