How to Do Subtitles on Netflix on a PS3

Things You'll Need

  • Sony PS3
  • Neflix account

The development of digital video and streaming media software has radically altered the way the public consumes media. For example, gaming consoles like the Sony PlayStation 3 can interface with online media services like Netflix to stream content like movies and television shows. Netflix provides subtitles for much of their media in a variety of languages.

Power on a Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) and navigate to the Netflix application.

Highlight the Netflix application and click the "X" button to start the application.


Highlight the media you wish to watch and click the "X" button. This will open a dialog box describing the media and showing available settings.


Highlight the "Audio and subtitles" link and press the "X" button.


Highlight the subtitle you wish to activate under the "Audio" menu and press the "X" button to check the circle next to your highlighted choice.


Press the "O" button to return to the previous menu.


Highlight the "Play" button and press the "X" button to play the media with your selected subtitles.