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How to Do a Live Stream From a PS3

Sony's PlayStation 3 is the company's third video game console that features compact discs with gaming data. However, the PS3 harnesses the ability to play Blu-ray videos and stream media from online sources, two aspects not available in previous models. A DVD capture card, such as Dazzle or EZcap, allows users to stream live from their PS3 to the Internet.

Things You'll Need:

  • Dvd Capture Card
  • Web Streaming Account
  • 3 Rca Wire Splitters
  • Media Encoding Software

Insert the installation CD that came with your DVD capture card into your computer. Make sure the entire software installs properly, then connect the capture card through the USB port. Wait until your computer lets you know that the drivers were properly installed before proceeding.

Connect all three of the RCA wire splitters into the visual and audio inputs of your television. Connect the PS3 RCA cables to the wire splitters, leaving room for you to connect the DVD capture card to these splitters as well. Make sure the appropriately colored wires match all television inputs.

Open your capture card software and adjust the settings. Check the recording options and ensure the capture card is selected. Read the provided manual for any further concerns with your new capture card software.

Download and install webcast software. Open the program and select the DVD capture card as the media streaming device. Most webcast programs have your computer's webcam, if installed, set as default. Turn on your PS3 and wait for the screen to load on your television and webcast window.

Navigate your Internet browser on your computer to a website that allows live media streaming. Sign up for an account.

Locate the necessary .XML file that allows the chosen webcast software to communicate with the streaming website. These files are typically located in the broadcasting settings. Download this file and open in your webcast software. Start your broadcast on the streaming website.

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