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Can Xfinity TV Be Watched on a PS3?

Current generation video game consoles offer a variety of video streaming options.
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Xfinity TV is the name of Comcast's re-branded home television service that features Xfinity On Demand, a streaming media provider. The Xfinity brand was created to deliver cross-platform programming over broadband connections. The Sony PlayStation 3 video game console is a device that plays disc media as well as streaming video content. Xfinity TV and the PlayStation 3 console are a perfect match for one another, but is there an official partnership?

Xfinity TV on the PlayStation 3

As of the date of publication, Xfinity TV is not available on the Sony PlayStation 3 console. The browser-based version of Xfinity TV is not compatible with the PlayStation 3 Web browser application. Comcast has not yet made an official announcement regarding future Xfinity support for the PlayStation 3 console, but the Xfinity TV service is currently being expanded to other devices. Microsoft's Xbox 360 console is scheduled to receive the Xfinity TV app before the end of 2011. Based on the history of previous video streaming applications, it is safe to assume the Xfinity TV app could make an appearance on the PlayStation 3 console sometime in 2012.

Xfinity TV Availability

The Xfinity TV service is currently available on three platforms. A standard Comcast cable box or DVR is used to access both live and streaming Xfinity TV content. The Xfinity website provides support for online video streaming to a Windows or Mac OS X computer. A mobile Xfinity application is available for Android smartphones from the Android Market. The application is also compatible with iOS devices, such as the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The Future of Xfinity TV

Comcast plans to release a new line of set-top boxes designed to deliver both live and on-demand Xfinity TV video, along with content from Pandora and Facebook. Microsoft has announced that a new Xbox 360 dashboard update will include an Xfinity TV application that will allow Comcast subscribers to access on-demand video through their game consoles. This new Xfinity TV platform will require a paid subscription to Microsoft's Xbox Live service, as well as a broadband Internet connection.

Video Streaming Alternatives on the PS3

While Xfinity TV has not yet made an official debut on the PlayStation 3, there are still several video streaming services for customers to choose from. Netflix subscribers are able to stream on-demand content to the PlayStation 3 at no additional charge. The PlayStation Network is a free service that allows access to the PlayStation store, where users can rent and purchase streaming movies for a small fee. Hulu Plus is another on-demand video service that offers current and hit television shows at a monthly rate.

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