How to Dirty Dance

Dirty Dance

How to Dirty Dance. You've seen Dirty Dancing a dozen times, and now you want to learn how to make those moves for yourself on the dance floor. Grab your partner and have some fun shaking your booty with these classic dirty dancing moves.

The Basic Grind

Stand facing each other, holding your partner's right hand at about shoulder height, and your right hand on her left shoulder blade.

Step forward so that your partner's thigh is between your legs. Stay connecting at the hips, and loose at the top.

Move your hips together fluidly in a circular direction. Lead strongly so that your partner is forced to follow. Alternate with a forward-and-back movement.

The Flamingo

Start with hips and hands still connected. Your partner should move her torso to your right.

Wait as she simultaneously turns her head and looks out in the same direction as you, brings her right knee up to about waist level, and holds it against your waist.

Resume the Basic Grind position after holding this position for a moment.

The Dip

Move your partner into the dip in from the Basic Grind position. You can do this in one of two ways.

Start the dip with your right hand on your partner's left should blade. Use your left hand to push her to your right side and back so that she arches her back and dips down to your right. Keep those hips connected the whole time.

Use the simpler method of putting your right hand on your partner's waist, dip her backward so that she arches and drops her head back.

The Spin

Place your right hand on your partner's waist from the Basic Grind.

Use your right hand to push her waist away from you, while your left hand pulls her around.

Spin her in the opposite direction by reversing the hand positions.

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