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How to Design Your Own Naruto Character

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Design your own "Naruto" character and use that character for fan fiction, fan art and for online role-playing games. When you create an original character -- known as an "OC" -- for an anime and manga series, such as "Naruto," you get to further enjoy your passion for the series. You also get to exercise your creativity. Eventually, you may take what you learn after you create a "Naruto" OC and develop your own original story and characters.

Review the official "Naruto" characters. To design your own "Naruto" character, ensure that the character would fit in seamlessly with the actual "Naruto" cast. Your OC "Naruto" character should look and act like someone from the "Naruto" world.

Pick a gender. Once you have a gender, you can either design the character completely from scratch or pick a template. For example, if you want to create a young male character, use the outline of Naruto himself; for a young female character, use Sakura.

Design your character's hair. Keep the hair practical for battle; short hair or long hair tied back is best. Stick to natural hair colors or pale, unnatural hair colors.

Give your character a name and a background. Use a Japanese name if you want your "Naruto" character to fit in with the "Naruto" world. Design a clan or pick an existing clan for your original character to be a part. Give your character appropriate powers as well as specializations.

Design an outfit for your character. Once you know your character's background, powers and specializations, you can design her costume accordingly. The "Naruto" fashions mix comfort, functionality and ninja style. A simple costume is more in tune to the world of "Naruto" than a complex one.


  • Don't make your character all-powerful or too special. Certain characters within the "Naruto" world are special, so you don't want your character to outshine them. Wars rage over the beast that sleeps within Naruto, for example, so you don't want your original character to have a beast as well.
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