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How to Make an Anime Series

Create your own anime series in less than 10 steps.
manga styled samurai girl image by Anastasia Serdyukova from Fotolia.com

Whether you are interested in making an anime series as a creative project for fun, or as a method to work your way into the anime business as a professional, creating an anime series may not be as challenging as you think. Making an anime series is a great way to gain publicity for your creative visions and even entertain a regular audience of viewers. Follow this procedure to conveniently and inexpensively create your own anime series.

Create your own anime series in less than 10 steps.
manga styled samurai girl image by Anastasia Serdyukova from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Computer Microphone

Choose a genre for your anime and begin to brainstorm a story line. When planning to start the process of creating your own anime series, one of the most important step is choosing the genre, according to Anime History. Jot down notes on the genre and story line you want to explore. Out of the genres and story lines you come up with, review and eliminate or combine ideas until you are satisfied with a potential genre and story that you are happy with.

Make a list of main characters for your anime. As you come up with the characters, note their personalities and standout characteristics.

Come up with different episodes for your anime, including a story line capable of at least 10 to 20 episodes. Note the title and focus of each episode. Be sure to include major points, like a distinct conflict and resolution.

Start writing scripts for the episodes you previously brainstormed.

Begin to animate your characters. Visit a site like Go Animate, found in the References section. Carefully follow directions to create your anime characters. Go Animate allows you to easily create your animated characters for free.

Add audio to your characters by recording your voice into a microphone. Once you complete and save the recordings, experiment with the audio editing process. Alter the pitch and timing of characters' voices. Use an audio editing program like Wavosaur to complete this procedure. On completion, make sure each character has a distinct voice.

Return to Go Animate, or the web-based animation program you used in step 5.

Follow directions to upload the recordings you previously made. Repeat this step for every recording you have.

Organize the audio files to correctly correlate with the designated scenes and characters and make final corrections.


Don’t rush the process of creating your anime; take your time with each section. Create a complex-enough story line that will enable you to further your anime beyond 20 episodes, if you wish to keep it ongoing.

Although you can write your scripts in any order you would like, writing one episode at a time keeps you organized throughout the process.

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