How to Design a Trivia Night Ticket

Be creative when designing trivia night tickets.

Whether you’re planning a family game night or hosting an evening of trivia with your friends, designing customized trivia tickets and question cards will make the trivia night even more creative and original. Using online resources and items found around your home will help you to design interesting trivia tickets for your guests.

Visit a trivia question website, such as Triviaquizgenerator.com or Funtrivia.com. These websites feature free questions and trivia categories to help give you ideas for your trivia night questions.

Decide how you want to create your trivia night ticket. You can use stock photos or graphics programs, such as Photoshop and MS Paint, to design your ticket. Some sites feature free downloads of graphics and photographs. Some examples of these websites include, Vectorart.com and SXC.hu, a free stock photography website.

You can also hand-draw your trivia tickets on card stock paper and add stickers and other embellishments to each of them to make every ticket truly distinctive.

Begin adding the questions to the tickets that you have created. Sort them into categories. Some popular trivia categories include “Music”, “Movies”, “Celebrities”, “World News”, “Local News”, “Foods”, “Fashion” and even “Politics”, depending on your guests’ interests. You can also create themed questions if you’re celebrating a special occasion or holiday.

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