How to Design a Bottle Cap Sticker

spacedust_design: Flickr Creative Commons

Whether it's for business promotion, a special event or to start a business, there are many reasons why one would need to know how to design stickers for bottle caps. It's not too difficult to design bottle cap stickers, and it's fairly inexpensive too.

Bottle caps can easily be decorated with stickers.
spacedust_design: Flickr Creative Commons

Things You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Graphic Design Program
  • Word Processing Program
  • Sheets Of Blank, 3/4-Inch Labels

Buy several sheets of 3/4-inch round labels. You can find these at office supply or craft stores. This size will fit well onto a bottle cap, without overlapping it.

Open the graphic design program you plan to use, such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, and set the area for your design. Make sure it is 1 inch in width and height, and that the area is being measured in inches, not pixels.

Set the resolution for your design to 300 dots per inch (DPI). This will ensure that the quality of your stickers is high, and that your design is crisp and clear.

Using pictures or design elements, create the design for your stickers. Keep the design within 1/4 inch of the design border, otherwise it will get cut off once the stickers are printed.

Save the design as a .jpg file if you will be printing the stickers yourself. If you plan to send the design to a commercial printer, save the file as a .tif, .eps or .pdf--these file formats are generally accepted by commercial printers.

Open your word processing program and pull up the template for your sticker size (3/4 inch) under the "labels" category. Copy and paste your design onto the template.

Insert the blank stickers into your printer, and then print them out. Let the ink dry for a few minutes before trying to peel the stickers off.


  • Get stickers with a matte finish instead of a glossy one so that the ink doesn't easily rub off of them.