How to Dance for Amateur Night

From time to time, strip clubs hold amateur night contests. During this night, girls can go on stage and compete as a way to earn a cash prize. You might not think you can win an amateur night contest at the local strip club. However, with some confidence and skill, you can take home the top prize.

Psyche yourself up mentally. Picture the stage in your head and visualize the way that you'll move. You should also think about how you are going to remove your clothing, since this is part of the competition.

Plan your outfit. You'll have to dress in a sexy way if you want to win an amateur night contest. Pick clothes that you can remove easily and that will work with the moves that you have planned.

Give it your all once you start dancing. After you sign up, you are called to the stage when it's your turn. If you show that you are confident and not afraid to let it all hang out, you'll likely end up the winner.

Hook your leg around the pole. Put your hand at the same height as your head. Lift your body up and then swing around the pole. Arch your body backwards to really show off your moves.

Perform a memorable finale for your amateur night routine. You can do several spins on the pole or wait until the last minute to remove your last piece of clothing. Another dance move you can end with is the Fireman. To do this, you straddle the pole with your legs and slide down.


  • Don't try to dance at amateur night if you are underage. Most clubs will ask for ID before allowing you to sign up.