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How to 10 Step Line Dance

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Try line dancing if you want to burn calories while enjoying a night out. The 10 step is a popular dance that, like many other line dances, evolved from square dancing and contra dancing in the early 20th century. You need a partner to dance the 10 step. Like other line dances, it looks best when several couples perform it at the same time. Although it's called a line dance, the 10 step is actually performed in a circle, with couples moving in a counterclockwise direction around the dance floor. Dance the 10 step to country, western or any upbeat music.

Grab your partner and stand in the cape position. Stand shoulder to shoulder, facing forward. Hold your partner's left hand in your left hand. Place your hands in front of your partner's left shoulder. Take her right hand in your right hand and place your hands behind her right shoulder.

Stand with your feet together. You and your partner should bring your left feet in front of you, tapping the floor with your heels. Bring the left feet back so that you are standing with feet together again.

Push your right feet back and tap the floor with your toes. Swing the feet forward so that you stand with feet together again.

Bring your right feet forward and tap the floor with your heels. Cross the right feet over the left legs and tap the floor on the side of the legs with your right heels. Bring the feet back to the starting position.

Bring your left feet out front and tap the floor with your heels. Cross the left feet over the right.

Polka forward. Start with your feet together, then hop forward on your left feet. Hop forward again with your right feet first, then bring your left feet to meet the right. Repeat, starting with the right feet, then repeat again.

Repeat the dance steps until the music ends.

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