How to Create Pageant Autograph Cards

By Nicki Callahan ; Updated September 15, 2017
Self-promotion is vital to pageant winners.

A big part of the entertainment industry is self-promotion. That also holds true to pageants. After the crown has been awarded, press conferences may be held and public appearances may be on the docket. Handing out autograph cards at events is expected and although each queen or princess often has the choice of creating her own, some industry standards should be followed. A number of companies specialize in pageant autograph cards, so consider style and pricing when making your decision.

Inquire about professional photographers. Your pageant director's office is able to provide a list of recommended photographers that it uses. Make appointments to view each photographer's work and book a session with the one that appeals to you in both style and pricing. Often times a photography package is included in your winnings.

Select a wardrobe that best reflects your style. Most queens choose two or three evening gowns, their official sash and crown. You may wish to also include a few alternate outfits, such as a swimsuit and a casual look. Close head-shot photos and full-length body images give you a wide variety to showcase your look.

View photo proofs and select five to 10 images that best reflect your personality and the image of the pageant. Order photos from your photographer.

Choose images for 8-by-10s and postcard size 4-by-6 or 5-by-7 autograph cards. Select a font style and color that reflects your image. You want to have multiple photos and autograph cards for various events. Some cards allow you to place two photos on the front, one larger and one smaller. There may be restrictions to your cards; each pageant is different. Consult your director for any regulations.

Contact a company and order your prints. Many printers specialize in pageant autograph cards. Zazzle and ColorCompCards.com are two online companies. Your pageant director may recommend a local printer.


Consider having professional hair and makeup done before your photo shoot. Take a few black fine-tipped markers with you to events to sign your photos for fans.


Check with your pageant officials before scheduling a photo shoot or ordering photo products as many of these items may be included in your winnings package.

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