How to Create Flyers of a Movie Night Event

A movie night represents an excellent opportunity for building relationships with people. An open invitation movie night will draw in people with similar interests and tastes in movies. You can organize a movie night in any manner you choose. Yet, you may want to follow some standard accepted procedures for doing so. For example, most solid movie nights have a slew of food and beverages available for enjoyment. You can create a flyer for your movie night with ease.

Open your word processing software. You can use any software to create your flyer. Stick to the standard 8 ½ by 11 page format.

Create your header. In large, bold letters, state “MOVIE NIGHT!” at the top of the flyer. Add in the vital information bellow the header. You may wish to use the standard format of “When: xyz, Where: xyz, Who: xyz, Why: xyz.” Be sure to include the location, time and movies to be shown, as these represent the primary components of a movie night. Use a readable font for the flyer. Times New Roman works well as a standard font.

Include information about the sort of food and drink that will be available and whether people should bring their own. Add your contact information at the bottom of the flyer. You can use either your phone number or email address.

Add images to spruce up your flyer. You can either use standard images of a television or specific box covers of the movies you will be playing.

Print your flyer. Go to "File." Click "Print." Choose the number of copies you wish to print and click "Print." You can use colored paper for this project if you wish. Make sure the paper contains a light enough color for easy reading.