How to Create Eye-Catching Flyers

A flyer can draw immediate attention to a business, introduce a candidate for public office to potential voters or remind folks that the circus is in town once again. If you want to get noticed and bring your message to people, an eye-catching flyer can help. With a handful of well-coordinated design elements and a few visual tricks, you can make a flyer that will stand out.

Choose the paper for your flyer. Use a less common shape for the flyer such as triangle or circle. Many office supply stores sell reams of unusually shaped paper. Select a color for the background of the flyer. Neutral colors such as beige and white work best. A neutral background will make the rest of the flyer stand out more.

Place a large graphic image in middle of the flyer. If you’re selling clothing, find an interesting design from the latest Paris runway fashion show. If you’re retailing fruit place a large apple in the center of your flyer. If you’re running a pet shop center an image of cat’s eyes in the background of the flyer.

Pick out colors for the lettering of the flyer. Bright colors such as saturated reds, violets and greens catch the eye quickly. They will stand out vividly against a neutral background.

Use out-of-the-ordinary fonts for lettering of the flyer. Instead of more traditional fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial choose Izza or Bauhaus or Junegull for any text. Bold or italicized specific catchphrases to emphasize certain points.

Headline the flyer with a memorable quote. A quote that is witty, unexpected or clever can be used at the top or bottom of flyer to convey an interesting message. Effective quotes tend to challenge convention wisdom or draw on lines of poetry.


Do not use more than two fonts in a single document.