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How to Print Your Own Circle Labels From Wilton Print

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Wilton is a well-known company that produces cake decorating supplies and pans. Wilton also offers other services on its website, including cake decorating tips, celebration ideas and a discussion forum. Also included in the services on its website is Wilton Print. Preparing for a celebration is simplified by using Wilton Print. You can print your own personalized announcements, invitations and more. You can make your own circle labels using templates provided by Wilton Print.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Ms Word Or Compatible Program
  • Self-Adhesive Ink Jet Paper

Go to the Circle Tags Templatea page on the Wilton website (see Reference).

Click on the "Circle Tags" link to download the template file. Open the template using MS Word or another compatible word processing program.

Customize the template by typing your information in the circles provided or insert images as you desire.

Insert an adhesive-backed sticker sheet into your printer. Select print in your word processing program and print the labels on the adhesive paper.

Cut out the labels using scissors and use them to adorn objects of your choice.


Self-adhesive ink jet paper is commonly only available in white. Color the paper with markers or highlighters prior to printing to provide a more vivid appearance.

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