How to Create a Fairy or Princess Costume

Things You'll Need

  • Antennae On A Headband
  • Ballet Slippers
  • Fairy Costume
  • Glitter Makeup
  • Tiaras
  • Tutus
  • Body Glitters
  • Construction Paper
  • Princess Costume

How to Create a Fairy or Princess Costume. Little girls love to dress as fairies and princesses - or even fairy princesses - for Halloween. Here's how to make the perfect princess or fairy costume without spending the crown jewels.

Find a pretty dress or a bodysuit and ballet tutu, the frillier the better.

Make a crown or tiara out of shimmery pipe cleaners or a rhinestone necklace and some wire.

Opt for a medieval princess's hat made from a cone of construction paper, with an elastic chin strap and a chiffon scarf flowing from the tip.

For a princess, make a cape or robe out of some pretty fabric. For a cape, just hem the edges and glue on a strip of fake fur, gold brocade or glitter for trim.

For fairy wings, lay a piece of sheer fabric or crepe paper flat on some cardboard or thick paper. Using craft glue, draw butterfly wing patterns or other designs on the fabric, then sprinkle craft glitter on top and set aside to dry.

Trim the wings into whatever shape you like - remember that the fabric will be attached at the back or nape and also at the wrists.

To attach wings, use a needle and thread or diaper pins (inside the costume so that they don't show). Gather the fabric in the middle of the back or nape of the neck, and attach to the wrists with small safety pins or elastic cord.


  • Fairy wings attached to a green bodysuit and tights make a great elf or butterfly costume; just add a little green cap or some pipe cleaner antennae attached to a headband. Fairies and elves look great with a little nontoxic glitter on their faces and hands; you can find it in most cosmetic departments or toy stores. To really feel like a princess, order a ready-made costume online - it's not much harder than snapping your fingers or ringing a little bell.


  • If you use wires or pipe cleaners, make sure there are no sharp points to poke your child. Never let a child use a hot glue gun without supervision. A princess or fairy should have pretty shoes, but they should also be comfortable for trick-or-treating. Consider adding glitter or sparkling stickers to some old but comfortable shoes, and save the pretty sandals for parties that don't require lots of walking.