How to Contact the Colbert Report

"The Colbert Report" is an Emmy-Award-winning cable television show that airs on Comedy Central. It is a spin-off of Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show," on which Stephen Colbert was a correspondent. "The Colbert Report" is taped in New York but airs all across the country. Colbert, although going by his real name, plays a composite character of clueless political types and comes off annoying on the television show. "The Colbert Report" is a late-night talk show format, where guests talk with Colbert about their current projects. If you are looking for tickets for "The Colbert Report" or looking to work on the award-winning show, here are a few tips on how to contact "The Colbert Report."

Call for information at the Colbert Report Studios at (212) 586-2477. This is a local New York City phone number, and someone should be available to answer it during regular business hours.

Stop by the studios at 513 W. 54th St. in New York City. Keep in mind that you will not be admitted into the building unless you have a ticket for that day's show. If you do not have a ticket on the day of the show, arrive early and get in the standby line for a chance to get a ticket. Standby tickets are not guaranteed.

Use the "Contact" section of the official Comedy Central website. The website is found in the "Resources" section.

Email the Colbert Nation webmaster at


  • Do not try to get into the Colbert Report studios without first being identified.